Don’t Just Rely on Your Backup Camera – Save a Life

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child behind vehicleDid you know, each year many children (and pets) suffer serious injuries and fatalities due to backover incidents that, sometimes, could have been prevented with extra precaution? According to, backover incidents occur when a vehicle coming out of a driveway or parking space backs over a child because he or she was not seen at the time.

With new technology like backup cameras being a feature in most cars, drivers are becoming more reliant on their camera view than their own ability to look behind them and in their rear view areas. While this innovative feature in vehicles is certainly a benefit and helpful in detecting objects and people that may be in a driver’s path, Dale E. Anstine’s accident attorneys feel it’s still critical to remember the extra steps that can be taken to help prevent backover incidents.



  • Educate children about the dangers and risks of playing around cars, whether they appear to be moving or not. Always teach them to avoid getting too close to any vehicle.
  • Teach children to keep toys, bikes and any play equipment off the driveway to prevent them from playing in this area. When in a parking lot, teach them that it is never safe to run after a toy that may have gotten away from them. In this case, they should always be accompanied by an adult and should be cautioned to walk carefully while keeping an eye out for all vehicles.
  • Before getting into your vehicle and backing out of a parking space, walk around your vehicle to check surrounding areas for pets, small children or the toys.
  • Remember, the smaller a child is, the harder it is to see him or her. Always take a second (or even third) look at what is around you before putting your car in reverse.
  • Take the extra time to physically turn and look behind you. While a child may not be in your backup path when first putting your vehicle in motion, it is possible that he or she may have unexpectedly jumped behind you or be running past you at any moment. Remember, children can run fast and be unpredictable.
  • Put your windows down while backing out of a parking space so that you are more likely to hear any activity or voices near your vehicle. If you are not able to see children and/or if they are not in line with your backup camera or sensors to be detected, open windows provide the chance that you may hear them before backing up.


These actions can be taken to help prevent backover incidents in our communities – whether in your own driveway or in a public parking area. While backup cameras are a beneficial feature and can serve as a great detection device with video and warning sound capabilities, it is still critical to take any precautions possible to help protect children (or pets) from injury and death.

Dale E. Anstine’s personal injury attorneys want to enforce the following message to all drivers: DO NOT SOLELY RELY ON YOUR BACKUP CAMERA TO DETECT WHAT IS BEHIND YOUR VEHICLE. TAKE THE TIME TO LOOK AND LISTEN, AND YOU COULD SAVE A LIFE.

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