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While everyone hopes it won’t happen to them, vehicle accidents do occur and when they do, they can be stressful and sometimes chaotic. The Dale E. Anstine Accident App is designed to offer users an easy-to-follow resource to help you gather and store the facts and evidence you need at the scene of an accident.

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App features include:

  • Easy-to-follow checklist of what to do when an accident occurs.
    Including steps you can take to be prepared for an accident and how to do to make sure your right are protected when an accident occurs.
  • Accident information collection tool.
    The app will guide you step-by-step through collecting contact information from the parties involved, details on witnesses in the area and prompting you take video and/or images to document specific aspects of the accident.
  • Geo-location resources to locate emergency services
    Find nearby emergency services such as tow trucks, police, hospitals and other related providers in the vicinity of the accident.
  • Save, store and email accident details.
    The app allows you to save the accident information in one place that’s easily-accessible for future use/reference. You can also email a copy of the report.
  • One-click attorney access and support
    The app also offers a feature for users to directly contact an attorney at Dale E. Anstine for a free consultation or email an experienced accident attorney at the firm a copy of the accident report.

Be Prepared. Protect Your Rights
Once the parties involved in an accident leave the scene, it is incredibly difficult to recreate what happened. Being prepared and gathering key information while on-site is crucial to protecting your rights following an accident. Downloading the free app is like having an attorney at the scene looking out for your best interests.

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