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For more than 40 years, the attorneys of Dale E. Anstine have been focused on protecting the rights of the injured in Central Pennsylvania. Our personal injury experts have had extensive success in cases of all sizes and have the proven results to provide you with piece of mind that your case is in good hands.

These cases are examples of just some of the work we do. Each case is different and the following examples do not guarantee the outcome of your case.

On the eve of the trial for a client who had been injured in an automobile accident, the defendant offered a $50,000 settlement. We refused the settlement and after a three-day trial, a York County jury awarded our client $306,000.

A client’s accident occurred in East York where a defendant turned left in front of him and denied they were responsible for the accident. We went to trial. The defendant originally offered $15,000, but after a trial the jury returned a verdict of $220,500.

A motorcyclist was struck locally by a drunk driver. The defendant refused to timely offer their policy limits of $15,000. We took the case to trial and received a verdict in excess of $1.5 million.

An Adams County resident experienced a slip and fall. The defendants offered $25,000. We took the case to trial and the jury returned a verdict of over $600,000.

A client was a passenger in a pick-up truck and the driver fell asleep at the wheel and the vehicle left the high speed highway and rolled. Our client suffered a broken leg and broken hip. Although the defendant only had a $50,000 policy (which we immediately obtained for our client), we were able to recover an additional $150,000 on her behalf through her under-insurance company. Her insurance company initially denied our ability to stack policies but after litigation we were successful in recovering the entire amount.

A client suffered a small cut on his lower right leg when he brushed against a sharp piece of metal at work. Unfortunately, the cut became severely infected. Our client underwent months of intensive antibiotic treatment and painful debridements of the wounds. His treating physicians diagnosed him with a virulent staph infection that entered his body when he cut his leg. The insurance company denied the claim and argued that the infection could have been obtained anywhere. We were successful in convincing a worker’s compensation judge that the staph infection occurred at the time our client cut his leg on the job. Because he was no longer able to stand on his leg to work, our client was found disabled and received weekly worker’s compensation checks, as well as having all his medicals paid by worker’s compensation.

Settlements and verdicts from other cases are not representative of likely or expected verdicts. Each case is unique and the outcome cannot be predicted based on prior results. We are not able to disclose information regarding many of our largest settlements because they are typically subject to confidentiality agreements. Attorney-client privilege also prevents disclosure in some cases.

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