Riding Season is Back – BE CAUTIOUS

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motor bike accidentThe first day of Spring is just around the corner. As the weather gets warmer, bikers get back on the roads to enjoy the days of riding season. It’s critical for everyone on the roads to be cautious and to help make our communities a safe place to live, drive and ride!

Dale E. Anstine’s personal injury attorneys are sharing some key messages to help increase safety for all drivers and riders. Help us spread the word in our communities and remind your friends, family and loved ones too!


DRIVERS: Watch out for motorcycles, keep your distance and save a life!

  • Keep an eye out for bikes by checking all directions around your vehicle and being extra mindful about areas you cannot see clearly, such as your vehicle’s blind spots. Always look twice when changing lanes, as bikes may be harder to see versus cars. Due to having to avoid road debris that other drivers can safely drive over, riders may also have to swerve at unexpected times.
  • Keep your distance and allow plenty of space between a motorcycle and your vehicle. While it is always important to allow plenty of cushion space between yourself and another driver, it is worth reminding everyone to keep extra distance, especially when behind motorcycles. Riders are more vulnerable on the roads, as they are not protected with seatbelts or in enclosed vehicles. Also remember, because bikes are smaller than cars, they are able to come to a complete stop much more quickly which can leave the driver behind them with less time to react.
  • Always use your turn signals when changing lanes and/or directions. This is an important driving rule to remember at all times, however, it’s especially important when riders are coming through intersections and making turns. Because they are on motorcycles rather than in vehicles, riders’ ability to react in accident-prone situations varies from other drivers.


RIDERS: Insure your bike and take extra safety precautions as you get back on the roads!

  • Never ride a bike that is not insured. It is common for riders to allow their insurance to lapse during the winter, when they can save on costs during a time their bike is not in use. However, the impending arrival of Spring can get riders excited to jump back on their bikes and take them for the first ride of the season … sometimes before renewing an insurance policy.
  • Ride cautiously and carefully. Dress in protective gear, be mindful about riding at appropriate speeds, and stay in clear view of other drivers. Riders should have an understanding of drivers’ blind spots and should attempt to be as visible as possible for others around them on the roads. To further increase safety and help to prevent injury, wearing a helmet is always recommended.
  • Never assume a driver can see you or is ready to react. As a motorcyclist, it is critical that you are especially cautious when changing directions or speeds. While we strive to educate all drivers on being more aware of and keeping an eye out for bikes on the roads, there is always a chance that others may not see you in their view. Rather than assuming you are visible, take extra precaution and make decisions based on whether or not you as the rider have enough time in the given circumstance to make the direction or speed changes necessary.


As Spring approaches, we want to remind everyone in our communities that riders will be jumping back on their bikes to enjoy the onset of riding season. Keep these important safety tips top of mind, and let’s help to keep everyone safe!

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