Best York Car-Accident Lawyers

Best York Car-Accident Lawyers

Car accidents, tragically, are responsible for not only physical injuries, but emotional trauma that can last a lifetime.  In the most extreme cases, car accidents take the life of an unassuming driver or passenger—all because someone else was acting in a negligent way.  Sadly, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, reports a car accident occurs every second in the U.S.

When these types of accidents occur, those who have suffered physically and psychologically should seek justice – and that’s what we focus our every effort on through our firm and our Dale E. Anstine car-accident lawyers!  Justice can come in the form of financial compensations that allow York accident victims to resume their lives as normally as possible.  Though monetary recoveries cannot erase scars or bring back a family member whose life was taken, our York clients can find some solace knowing they can move on, financially, with much-needed assurance and closure.

To ensure you or your loved one garner the best possible outcome concerning your accident-related damages, you want the best car-accident lawyers available.  For more than 4 decades, the legal team at Dale E. Anstine has specialized in personal injuries of all types – from car accidents and nursing-home abuse to dog bites to on-the-job injuries, and much more.

Our car-accident lawyers deal aggressively with insurance companies who attempt to limit the sums of money they may be obligated to pay.  It is disheartening that insurance companies often prioritize profit over people—but it happens.  Your interests and the insurer’s interests are in opposition with one another.

Many insurance companies find ways to devalue claims.  Insurance companies hope car-accident victims will act quickly and accept low-ball settlements.  Because of this, you want someone on your side who will serve as your potent legal ally, to ensure the insurance company is not acting in bad faith.  Our York clients benefit from our lawyers, who have in-depth knowledge, of the very technical matters associated with the insurance industry and the myriad of personal-injury intricacies associated with Pennsylvania car accident laws.

Our Lawyers Precisely Calculate Damages

When you become our client, we do everything in our power to protect you from insurance attorneys or insurance adjusters who do not have your best interests in mind.  One example of this includes a recent car accident client who was offered a $50,000 settlement.  Our legal team was fully aware that the damages were worth substantially more.  Once the 3-day trial was over, a York County jury awarded our client more than 6 times that amount – a whopping $306,000.00!

When calculating damages for car-accident injuries, we take a lot into consideration, to include:

  • Damage to personal property
  • Hospital bills, medical bills, and related expenses including appointment, supplies, etc.
  • Lost wages and earnings potential
  • Future income loss
  • Loss of life’s enjoyment due to physical or psychological trauma
  • Loss of consortium/loss of companionship
  • Pain and suffering, and more!

With any injuries, your first priority should be seeking medical care.  The next step should include giving our team a call at 717-846-0606, at which time, you will receive immediate assistance.  No matter how minor your injuries may seem to be, do not hesitate to reach out to us – you have absolutely nothing to lose!

Keep in mind, billion-dollar insurance companies have aggressive attorneys who may attempt to dramatically minimize your financial compensations.  Shouldn’t you have the same team on your side to ensure they don’t succeed?

When the Issue is $$, the Best Lawyers Make the Difference

At the law firm of Dale E. Anstine, we are proud to be a part of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum.  Membership is limited to attorneys who have won million and multi million dollar verdicts and settlements.  Fewer than 1% of US lawyers are members.

Aside from the $306,000.00 award mentioned above, a few additional accident-related outcomes are worth noting – a $1,500,000 motorcycle accident verdict, a $220,500 auto-accident verdict, and a $600,000 slip & fall verdict – the list goes on.

Many injury victims in York are under the impression they cannot afford car-accident lawyers. The reality is very simple and to the contrary:  as our client, you would pay no out-of-pocket fees to our legal team.  If we accept your case, we collect no lawyers’ fees unless we win.  Our contingency fee structure is based on receiving a percentage of the recovery.

Our Best Advice: Help Us Help You!

It is in your best interest to not speak with any insurance representative since your good intentions can backfire on you.  Our car-accident lawyers will speak with the insurance company, on your behalf.  Insurance companies know most people are not familiar with Pennsylvania car-accident laws.  As a result, insurance reps count on victims’ blind faith that the insurance companies are on their side.

The adage, loose lips sink ships, is appropriate here.

  • Do not answer any questions from an insurance representative since the simplest statement, by you, can be used incorrectly and compromise the integrity of your case. Never admit any degree of fault since that could be considered an admission of guilt.
  • Do not agree to accept a settlement from the insurance company since that acceptance could dramatically limit your compensatory damages. Our car-accident lawyers will initiate a complete assessment into the details surrounding your injury claim.  From there, we will work to ensure your losses are comprehensively addressed, and we will fight for every dime you are entitled to receive.
  • Visit with a doctor, right away, even if your injuries seem Severe symptoms, not apparent at the moment, can manifest themselves down the road.  Your medical report could profoundly support your case.
  • File a police report since, without it, the insurance company could have a legitimate reason to not cover medical bills, etc.
  • Feel assured knowing our car-accident lawyers will fight, aggressively, for maximized compensations related to your medical expenses and other qualifying damages – medical equipment and supplies, rehab or physical therapy, increased living expenses, lost wages, future earnings, pain & suffering, and more.

Every auto-accident case has its own circumstances with pay-outs that will vary.  One thing, however, is certain – our law firm’s reputation precedes us due to our compassion, empathy, and dedication we commit to every York client who reaches out to us for help.  When you work with us, you can know, without a doubt, we will fight for you from start to finish!

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