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Another resolution to add to your list this year: check your auto insurance policy and coverage, and make sure you understand the coverage you have selected. While no one wants it to happen to them, auto accidents happen every day...

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New Year’s Resolutions: AVOID ICY ACCIDENTS

A new year means New Year’s resolutions! Over the next few weeks, Dale E. Anstine’s personal injury attorneys will be sharing safety goals to add to that 2017 resolution list. This week, just when slippery conditions have come up in...

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Safety Checklist for Giving Toys this Season

While holiday shopping and gift giving are exciting activities this time of year, it is important to be aware of the potential risks that dangerous and defective products can present. This time of year, many children are making their wish...

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Dale E Anstine Slip Fall

How Homeowners Can Avoid Injury Liability This Winter

Winter weather brings additional risks for slip and fall injuries. As a homeowner, it’s important to know your legal responsibility and ways to prevent others from being injured. If someone falls on your property, you may be at fault and...

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Thanksgiving Driving

Why This Week is One of the Most Dangerous for Drivers

At Dale E. Anstine, Thanksgiving is one of our favorite times of year. It is a time filled with celebrating, great food and great company! Unfortunately, though, the holiday can also bring an increased risk of motor vehicle accidents and...

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