Truck Accidents

Truck injuries can be serious and life changing

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can be catastrophic. The size, weight and momentum of an 18-wheeler when it collides with an automobile can cause serious personal injury and harm. Truck accident cases are more complicated than auto accident cases, as there are state and federal trucking regulations that apply. Truck drivers are required to keep detailed logs and other records, and trucking companies have strict procedures related to truck maintenance, hiring practices, record keeping and the amount of time a driver is on the job. All of these may come into play in the claims process. When driver or trucking company negligence is to blame, it's important to have an experienced truck accident injury attorney on your side. Victims of accidents may feel overwhelmed, but by working with a truck accident lawyer, those affected by the accident can begin to heal while experienced attorneys focus on the legal aspects of the accident.

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Common causes of truck accidents

There are some similarities between the causes of truck accidents and auto accidents; however, there are additional causes of accidents that are unique to trucks. The following are a few of the common causes of truck accidents and truck accident injuries:

  1. Fatigue
    Driver fatigue is a common cause of truck accidents. There are strict federal regulations limiting the amount of time drivers can be on the road, but, in general, truck drivers are required to rest at least 10 hours before beginning a shift. The maximum drive time varies depending on the cargo load and the truck type, but 11-hour drive times are a common maximum. Even with the required rest periods, drivers may become fatigued on long trips.
  2. Poor truck maintenance
    Trucking companies are required to keep trucks up-to-date with routine maintenance, and each maintenance check must be documented. If a trucking company fails to perform these checks, and an accident occurs, the trucking company may be held responsible for the accident.
  3. Distracted driving
    In many states, texting while driving is against the law for automobile drivers. In all states, though, texting while driving is ALWAYS against the law for commercial truck drivers. Even though it is dangerous, some drivers still multitask and take their eyes off the road to send or receive a text. Distracted driving has become an epidemic in our society, and is an increasingly common cause of truck and automobile accidents.
  4. Unsafe driving practices
    Carelessness can be a direct cause of truck accidents. Failure to use mirrors, following a car too closely, speeding, failure to use turn signals and frequent lane changes are all examples of unsafe driving practices not only for truck drivers, but any driver. Unsafe driving practices can cause accidents, and other motorists should use caution if trucks are behaving unsafely.
  5. Overloading
    The amount of cargo that a truck can transport is regulated by federal guidelines and must be followed. If a truck is overloaded, it may blow tires or the truck may even jackknife when attempting to stop quickly. Overloaded trucks can cause accidents, and can be dangerous to the truck driver, and other motorists on the road.
  6. Inexperience
    Commercial truck drivers are required to go through training before being awarded their CDL (commercial driver’s license). Like a regular driver’s license, CDLs are only awarded after both a written and driving test are passed. New truck drivers, though, may not have the experience to be able to respond to different road conditions, and even experienced drivers on new routes may not know the road well enough to be able to react quickly and safely to the environment.

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