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Slip and Fall Accidents

What causes slip and fall injuries?

Slip and Fall Injury

Residential and commercial property owners have a responsibility to make their premises safe for customers, visitors and employees. Injuries resulting from slips, trips and falls that occur on another person’s property such as a sidewalk, home, apartment complex, commercial property, hotel or park can have serious negative impacts on your life. Our personal injury attorneys see many causes for slip and fall injuries including:

  • Untreated walkways during the winter
  • Uneven pavement
  • Wet and slippery floors
  • Inadequate or improper lighting of a space (either a building or an outdoor space such as a parking lot)

The slip and fall lawyers at Dale E. Anstine have represented thousands of injured people in the York, Gettysburg and Hanover areas. Our experienced attorneys will stand up to insurance companies and seek the compensation you deserve for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

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Slip and fall injuries often impose considerable financial burden due to missed work and medical costs.  Property owners have certain responsibilities to ensure the safe condition of their premises for guests, visitors, customers or employees.  At the same time, guests and others who venture on to both private and public properties have responsibilities based on the reason for their visit (invited guest, solicitation, uninvited visitor, assumed visitor, etc.).

In many cases, accidents are preventable if property owners uphold their responsibility to ensure and maintain the safe condition of their property. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a slip or fall, you need an experienced injury attorney on your side.

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The lawyers of Dale E. Anstine have represented thousands of personal injury cases in the York, Gettysburg and Hanover areas. Our personal injury attorneys have the knowledge and experience to stand up to major insurance companies and seek the compensation you deserve for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. Contact us today for your free consultation if you have been injured because of a slip and fall.

Common slip and fall accident locations

Slip and fall accidents can happen almost anywhere and at any time. While the list below isn’t inclusive, the attorneys at Dale E. Anstine often see personal injury cases resulting from incidents at the following locations:

    1. Department stores and grocery stores
      Slip and fall accidents at big-box and grocery stores are fairly common; however, consumers may not be aware of their rights. If you tripped over a product in an aisle or fell because of an overturned carton of milk, the store may be liable for your injuries. If you are the victim of a slip and fall injury in a large retailer, it is important to get a personal injury attorney on your side immediately.
    2. Hotels, motels and resorts
      When traveling, you have a right as a consumer to a safe and secure hotel, motel or resort. At large (and even small) properties, sometimes obvious slip and fall risks are overlooked. Cracked sidewalks, ripped carpeting and icy entranceways are all risks to you as the consumer. Be aware of your surroundings to avoid a slip and fall.
    3. Small businesses
      While we trust that our local stores and small businesses are doing the right thing by creating a safe environment for their customers, sometimes, slip and fall injuries occur. Most often, injuries at small businesses are the result of poorly maintained grounds or buildings.
    4. Private homes
      Slip and fall injuries at private homes are often difficult cases, not because of having to prove the incident occurred, but rather because the private home is usually owned by a family member or a friend. It’s important to remember, though, that if you are seeking compensation for your injuries as a result of a slip and fall in a private home, you are suing the insurance company and not the individual. Homeowners liability insurance is meant to protect them in these cases, and is intended to help provide compensation to the victim in case of an injury.

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