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Catastrophic Injury Lawyers in York, PA: Know Your Rights

Are you or someone you know suffering from a disfigurement, amputation, paralysis, severe fracture, spinal cord or brain injury following an accident? These types of injuries are incredibly stressful for the victim and their families; physically, emotionally, psychologically, and financially.  

Often, people involved in an accident with catastrophic injuries will need specialized emergency care, surgery, long-term treatment, and therapy. Many will not be able to return to work, complete simple everyday tasks, or be able to enjoy life as they had known it. 

If you’ve been seriously injured due to the negligence of someone else, you need an experienced catastrophic injury attorney on your side. At the law offices of Dale E. Anstine, our attorneys solely focus on the most serious accidents and on getting our clients maximum compensation from every source available.

Our Catastrophic Injury Law Firm in York, Pennsylvania Handles a Wide Variety of Cases

While many serious injury cases are the result of an auto accident, others involve workplace accidents, defective products, and premise liability. Whatever the case may be, our injury lawyers at Dale E. Anstine have more than 40 years experience winning cases for our York county clients. 

We have dedicated our practice to handling these complex types of personal injury cases. This narrow focus on handling the most serious injuries has given us the knowledge, skills, and trial experience necessary to fully protect your interests throughout the process.

Compensation for Your Serious Injury Accident

Depending on the details of your case, our personal injury attorneys will help you seek recovery for economic things like medical expenses, lost wages, lost earning potential, and other out-of-pocket medical expenses.

When applicable, we can also help you pursue damages for non-economic issues including:  

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Psychological or psychiatric harm
  • Loss of consortium/loss of companionship

It is important to remember, after an accident, insurance adjusters and companies involved are not advocating for you, instead, they often do whatever they can to limit their damages. 

The moments following your serious accident are crucial. It is imperative to have a top-rated catastrophic injury lawyer on your side to ensure you are getting every dollar you deserve.

You have nothing to lose by contacting our personal injury attorneys in York. We offer free consultations, 24/7, and never collect a fee until we win for you!

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If you or a loved one were involved in a catastrophic accident, you need an experienced team of accident attorneys on your side. We have decades of experience and have won more than $250,000 million for our clients. We can help you too!

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