Denied or Delayed Claims

Denied or Delayed Claim Attorneys in York: Know Your Rights

Adding insult to injury-you’re already hurt, and now your employer is seeking to limit or deny paying your workers’ compensation claim altogether. Or maybe the delay or denial is from your insurance company who you’ve faithfully paid premiums to for years. Now that you need them, they’re moving at a glacial pace, trying to limit their payout. All the while, you’re stuck with limited or no income, and their decisions are impeding your recovery.

If you or someone you love has a denied or delayed claim, contact an attorney at Dale E. Anstine to answer your questions, free of charge. 

We’re here to take the burden off you, and to assist with the insurance calls, the doctor’s appointments, medical bills and more. 

Why was my worker’s compensation claim denied?

There can be several reasons for denying a workers’ comp claim, including:

  • Doctor says the injury did not result in a disability
  • Injury is not related to the employment
  • Disability determined to be the result of a pre-existing condition 
  • Injured worker is an independent contractor, and not covered by Workers’ Compensation
  • Claim included incomplete, inaccurate, or late documents 

If your claim is denied, you need an experienced workers’ comp attorney in York, from Dale E. Anstine, to fight for the compensation you deserve. Chances are, the employer or insurance company has already been discussing your claim with their own attorneys.

They don’t work for you! Their goal is to limit their payout. You need someone who knows the complexities of workers’ compensation litigation. You need someone dedicated to your case and getting you on the road to recovery.

We will handle the confusing paperwork and make sure it is filed correctly. We will handle the insurance companies, and we will keep you up to speed every step along the way.

We understand what makes a successful case and will vigorously pursue your claim. The employer’s insurance company will have an experienced lawyer representing them. You need one too.

Contact Our Denied Claims Attorneys in York, PA Right Away!

If your claim is delayed or denied, do not hesitate. Contact an experienced denied claims attorney at Dale E. Anstine. We will make sure you get the workers’ comp benefits you deserve. 

Our law firm has been practicing personal injury law in York and Adams counties for decades. Let us focus on your case and compensation while you recover from your injuries. We do not charge a fee for representation unless we win your case for you, so reach out today for help.


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