Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle Accident Attorney in York PA: Know Your
Bicycling is a favorite leisure activity for millions of people in the United States. It's a great form of
exercise and a fun family activity. There are many others who rely on bicycling as a means of
transportation and use their bike to get to work and to run errands.
Although most bike rides are safe, riding a bike can be risky and can result in a catastrophic
accident. Unkempt roadways and sidewalks, along with drivers not sharing the road, are just some
of the causes of these types of accidents. As you can imagine, accidents involving vehicles can
cause severe injuries, especially since bicyclists are not protected as well as motor vehicle drivers
and passengers.
If you or a family member are involved and injured in a bike crash, you should seek help from an
experienced personal injury attorney.
Bike Accident Injuries
Bike accidents are often traumatic and leave victims with severe injuries. Colliding with a large motor
vehicle can result in any of the following catastrophic injuries, and may lead to long-term health
● Broken bones
● Lacerations
● Concussions
● Bruised ribs
● Skull fractures
● Facial contusions
● Dislocated joints
● Eye trauma
● Road rash
Bicycle Safety Tips
Whether you are new to bicycling, or are an experienced, avid bike rider, it's important to be safe
when riding your bike either for fun or for commuting. Here are some bicycle safety tips to help keep
you and your loved ones safe:
● When available, use the designated bike lane. Bike lanes offer you a safer route and help
provide space between you and drivers.


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