Top Personal-Injury Lawyer in York, PA

Top Personal-Injury Lawyer in York, PA

Thank you for taking an interest in Dale E. Anstine Personal Injury Attorneys.  It is here where personal injuries meet justice! Our legal team is highly skilled in this vast and complex legal arena where we address:

  • vehicle accidents – motorcycles, buses, trucks, cars, and others
  • nursing home abuse/neglect
  • dangerous/defective products
  • workers’ compensation
  • slips & falls
  • dog/animal bites
  • social security disability
  • insurance bad faith
  • wrongful death, and more

Justice can’t bring back a loved one who has lost their life due to someone else’s negligence or erase scars or replace a limb –but it can and does make a difference when substantial financial recoveries are awarded to our York, PA clients.

Recovered damages can be in the form of economic losses which cover everything from medical care and medical equipment to funeral expenses and lost wages.  Lost wages can include missed work as well as future earnings.

Then, there are non-economic losses in the form of pain and suffering.  Pain and suffering can take on many forms:  grief, anxiety, insomnia, the loss of enjoyment of life, the loss of relational enjoyment or intimacy of another, embarrassment of accident-related after effects including paralysis, amputations, and more.

Please know when you call on our personal injury attorneys in York, you pay no out-of-pocket fees!  Our personal injury lawyer team operates on a contingency-fee basis where we recover a fee only if a lawsuit is successful or results in a favorable settlement for our York clients.

Let's Transform Your Loss Into a Gain

There is one thing not recommended when it comes to a personal injury:  handling your claim without a powerhouse legal team on your side!  Attempting to wade through the complicated maze of details and twists and turns personal injury cases involve, you will likely become overwhelmed and could get a much lower settlement offer.

It is important to understand that insurance companies have high-powered personal-injury lawyers on their side who are ready to diminish or dismiss your claim.  Shouldn’t you have the same authority on your side to ensure their attempts will fail?

Our top personal-injury lawyer team offers more than 40 years of experience with achieving maximized financial recoveries and other desired outcomes for clients in York, PA and beyond.  Let’s take a look at just a few of our case outcomes:

  • One of our clients experienced a slip-and-fall, resulting in injuries. The defendants offered $25,000.  Our team considered that to be unacceptable, so we took the case to trial.  The jury returned a verdict of more than $600,000.
  • Motorcycle-accident verdict: $1,500,000
  • Auto-accident verdict: $306,000
  • Slip & fall verdict: $600,000

Our lawyers’ negotiating skills and strategies have led to our reputation of generating win-win solutions for our team and our York clients.  Our goal is to secure every dollar of damages our clients are due!

Our law firm is a proud member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum.  Membership is limited to attorneys who have won million and multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements.  Fewer than 1% of US lawyers are members.

Act Quickly – Evidence Can 'Disappear'

It is prudent, for those with personal injury claims, to contact our legal team as swiftly as possible.  Pennsylvania’s statute of limitations means injured victims must present a claim for their injuries within 2 years of the date of the accident to qualify for damages.

More importantly, the longer one waits to contact a personal injury lawyer, the weaker one’s case against the other party becomes.  Crucial evidence can be lost or intentionally covered up, and those who would become defendants in your case can disappear.

Fresh evidence is the best evidence to support and strengthen the defense of your case!  Evidence that is undamaged and readily available can make the difference between winning substantial damages or receiving much less or nothing at all.

As our York client, your personal injury lawyer will be available to walk you through the process and keep you updated along the way. Our goal is to put your mind at ease, allowing you to recover from your injuries while we fight to get you maximum compensation.

No Stone Is Left Unturned

Our personal injury lawyer team focuses on winning cases, and no stone is left unturned.  For example, in the case of work-related accidents, our personal injury lawyers would develop a comprehensive plan to recover damages from multiple sources – the workers’ compensation system, liability insurance, and a lawsuit against negligent third parties.

Then, there are dog and animal-bite cases that would deserve the same caliber of attention.  We would pursue multiple sources for damages including a homeowner’s policy, a renter’s insurance policy, and a commercial or residential property’s liability policy – seeking top recoveries is what we do!

The 1st Step is Easy – Give our Team a Call, Today!

The first step towards securing justice involves giving our legal team a call, today.  Don’t lose the compensation you deserve!  Our York, PA clients can reach us 24 hours a day for emergency consultations.  You connect with our team by:


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