Truck-Accident Attorneys in York County

Truck-Accident Attorneys in York County

Unfortunately, Pennsylvania has the dubious distinction of contributing some of the highest statistics regarding truck crashes.  PennDOT states that Pennsylvania is among the top five states where the most fatal truck accidents continue to occur, annually.

When a truck accident takes place, people in smaller vehicles become the most-severely injured.  It stands to reason since trucks are far heavier and take longer to come to a complete stop, thereby, generating the most damage.  And, of course, pedestrians and those on bicycles and motorcycles are even less protected when a truck accident takes place.

When injured in a truck crash or collision, those in York County need the best possible legal support to ensure maximized financial compensations – compensations that will take care of monetary needs now and, possibly, into the future – enter Dale E. Anstine Personal-Injury Attorneys.

Our law firm addresses a myriad of vehicle-related accidents and injuries involving autos, trucks of all sizes, tour buses, vans, motorcycles, and more.  However, when one is injured in an accident that involves a truck – such as a big rig or commercial truck – the legal nuances can become extremely complicated since one or more third parties can be held liable.

A truck manufacturer, for example, could be found liable for fabricating defective components that contributed to a truck accident, or a trucking company could be liable for substandard hiring and training practices – the list goes on.  If you or a loved one has suffered injuries due to a truck accident, the last thing you need is to find yourself in a complex legal maze not knowing which way to turn.

Do Not Move Forward Without Legal Representation

Due to the legal intricacies involved with truck-accident injury cases, it is crucial to seek highly-specialized experts in this field.  At Dale E. Anstine, we help York County clients in four very important ways.  We 1) supervise the complex process of facilitating a claim for their truck-accident damages 2) advocate for clients with negotiations and court appearances 3) fight for clients’ rights to obtain the most substantial compensations for their injuries and losses and 4) help clients attain the emotional closure they desire and deserve.

Even though many accident victims desperately need financial help for medical care and lost wages, many insurance companies will make every effort to obstruct claims.  The unfortunate reality is that there are plenty of insurance companies notorious for protecting their financial assets, even if it means attempting to reduce or deny what a claimant is legally due.

When truck-accident claimants choose not to become legally represented, they become easy prey for insurance companies.  Insurance companies will take full advantage of a ‘sitting duck’ scenario and hope their low-ball damage amounts will be tempting enough for a claimant to take the bait – don’t let that happen to you!

If you are asked to partake in a recorded phone conversation by an insurance company, don’t do it!  You may say something that completely jeopardizes your claim.

At Dale E. Anstine, a huge component of our mission is to protect our York County clients from being victimized by the insurance giants who want to keep claimants’ money for themselves.  It happens all the time to injured victims who are unsuspecting and believe insurance companies are working towards their best interest.

Take a Deep Breath – We're on Your Side

Investigating the cause of a truck accident must be done as quickly as possible to ensure black-box evidence is not tampered with and to preserve and investigate other critical evidence that could bolster your case’s defense.  At Dale E. Anstine, our truck-accident attorneys are here to answer your questions regarding your accident and your injuries, put your mind at ease, take your worries off your shoulders, and ensure that justice is served!

Your first step is to make sure your injuries are being addressed by a medical professional.  Your second step should include giving our legal team a call at 717-846-0606.  You will receive immediate assistance, and we will guide you on your next step, forward.

Our truck-accident attorneys fight, aggressively, to right any wrongs that may be in place with any client’s case – whether questionable tactics by insurance companies, false witnesses, or a trucking company attempting to hide investigation details.  Due to our attorneys’ skill, passion, and relentless pursuit of truth, our York County clients walk away with maximized compensations.

Our Attorneys Secured Tens of Thousands of Dollars More!

An example of securing the most substantial damages for our clients involves the following:  One of our clients was a truck passenger who was injured due to the driver falling asleep at the wheel.  As a result, the passenger’s broken leg and broken hip led to a law suit which accomplished two things:  1) it allowed our client to obtain the defendant’s $50,000 policy and 2) it allowed our client to recover an additional $150,000 via her under-insurance company.  The passenger’s insurance company, initially, denied our ability to stack policies, but our litigation skills were successful in recovering the entire amount.

Our law firm has served York, PA clients for more than 40 years, and we continue to serve as a proud member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum.  Membership is limited to attorneys who have won million and multimillion dollar verdicts and settlements.  Fewer than 1% of US lawyers are members.

If you remember one thing, remember this:  billion-dollar insurance conglomerates have powerfully- commanding lawyers on their side to limit your truck-accident damages.  Shouldn’t you have the same representation on your side to ensure they don’t succeed?

York County Clients Pay No Out-of-Pocket Fees

Many people assume they can’t afford an attorney, but here’s the truth:  our York County clients pay no out-of-pocket fees to our legal team!  If we accept your case, we collect no lawyers’ fees unless we win!  Our contingency-fee structure is based on receiving a percentage of the recovery.  You can reach out to our legal team, today – there is nothing to lose, and what you might gain could be substantial!

A Few Critical Points & Reminders

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Do not make contact with the insurance company – as mentioned, the simplest statement, by you, can compromise the integrity of your case. Our truck-accident attorneys will speak with the insurance company, on your behalf.
  • Do not accept a settlement from the insurance company – it could, dramatically, limit your compensatory damages. Our truck-accident attorneys will work to ensure your losses are comprehensively addressed.
  • Visit with a doctor, ASAP – if you were to wait too long, the insurance company could ‘cry, foul’ and question the severity of your injuries. Your medical report could, profoundly, support your case.
  • File a police report – without out it, the insurance company could have a legitimate reason to not cover medical bills and more.
  • Feel assurance knowing we cover all financial bases – our truck-accident attorneys will fight, aggressively, for full compensatory damages related to your medical expenses – medical equipment and supplies, rehab or physical therapy, increased living expenses, lost wages, future earnings, pain & suffering, and more.

Every truck accident case is different.  Circumstances and pay-out’s can vary.  There is one thing, however, that remains steadfast and unquestioned:  the caliber of the empathy, skill, and dedication we commit to every case.  You can be assured that our legal team has your back, and we will fight for you!

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