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Workman's Comp Lawyers York, PA

It is not surprising that many people in the workforce are misinformed about the intricacies of workman’s comp proceedings.  It is a complicated system… and often, information needed to ensure maximum compensation is received, is not made readily available.

Did you realize it is not the employer that pays a workman’s comp benefits, but rather the employer’s insurance provider? That provider, like any other business out there, wants to make more profit by paying out fewer claims.  As a result, many workers have used their own out-of-pocket payments for medical bills and other expenses when, in reality, those expenses should have been covered by insurance.

Dale E. Anstine’s workman’s comp lawyers are all-too-familiar with the tactics some insurance company lawyers use to block claimants’ insurance payments or reduce them, significantly – don’t let that happen to you!

If you have filed a workman’s comp claim but are questioning if your claim is being handled properly, please give our legal team a call.  If you are perplexed as to why your claim was denied, our workman’s comp lawyers have more than 40 years of experience in this specialized area of personal-injury law.  We are here to address your questions and, just as importantly, ease your mind.  Our legal team is available at 717-846-0606 – please, share your concerns.

As Workman's Comp Lawyers, We Know the Law

The Dale E. Anstine Law Office is a proud member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum.  Membership is limited to attorneys who have won million and multimillion dollar verdicts and settlements.  Fewer than 1% of US lawyers are members.

Our focus is helping those in York, PA and surrounding communities receive the highest, maximized monetary compensations, allowed by law.  One such incident included one of our clients who had cut his leg on a piece of metal, at work.  A serious infection followed, yet the insurance company denied the claim.  Our experience with these types of cases, combined with our authoritative testimony led to our client being awarded weekly workman’s comp checks as well as having all his medical bills paid.

“But I Can't Afford an Attorney!” – You Pay No Upfront Fees

Do not think for a minute, you must pay any out-of-pocket fees for our services.  To begin with, you can take advantage of a free initial consultation.  If we accept your case, we collect no lawyers’ fees unless we win!  Our contingency-fee structure is based on receiving a percentage of the recovery.

Keep in mind:  High-powered insurance companies have polished lawyers on their side to limit your damages.  Shouldn’t you have the same representation on your side to ensure they don’t succeed?

Avoid the Insurance Company and Speak With Us

We strongly encourage work-related accident victims to speak with our workman’s comp lawyers instead of speaking with any insurance agent. Here are some things to note:

  • Refuse questions by an insurance representative – whether over the phone, in-person, or electronically. The simplest statement, by you, could be interpreted incorrectly and compromise the integrity of your case.
  • Do not agree to a settlement from the insurance company – this could, severely, limit your compensatory damages. Allow our workman’s comp lawyers to deal with the insurance company, directly, on your behalf.
  • Immediately, report the injury – if you delay reporting your injury, your claim could be stalled or outright denied. Document all details and obtain a copy of every page of your injury report.
  • Obtain a panel list – this would include workers’ comp medical providers. If you choose a provider not on the list, you may be forced to pay for treatments on your own.
  • Visit with a doctor, right away – including any seemingly, minor injuries. Even a cut could lead to a complicated infection.  Your medical report could, profoundly, support your case.
  • Call our legal team – our workman’s comp lawyers fight for compensatory damages related to

medical expenses our York, PA clients face including medical equipment, rehab or physical therapy, increased living expenses, lost wages, future earnings, pain & suffering, and more!

  • Rest easy – our highly-skilled workman’s comp lawyers will, aggressively, fight for your rights!

Our strategy for pursuing maximized damages for our York, PA clients includes every viable source – the workers’ compensation system, liability insurance, and a lawsuit against any negligent third parties.

As workman’s comp lawyers, we address motor-vehicle accidents that occur during work time, cumulative injuries that lead to hearing or sight loss, slips & falls, repetitive-stress activities that impact nerves, muscles, ligaments, and tendons, and the overuse of a body part involved in repetitive activities – the list goes on.

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