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Wrongful death cases can be cut-and-dry or very complex.  Either way, they are emotionally riveting and deeply painful for those who have lost a loved one, unexpectedly.  The lawyers from the Dale E. Anstine Law Office specialize in wrongful-death cases.  We offer empathy, compassion, and expert legal guidance with helping those in York, PA to reach closure and receive the most substantial financial compensation, allowed by law.  When a person is found liable in someone else’s death, justice must be served.  At Dale E. Anstine, seeking justice is what we do best!

Are you suffering due to a loved one who died as a result of another person’s inadvertent or intentional act of negligence or carelessness?  Dale E. Anstine’s wrongful-death lawyers are ready to help you understand Pennsylvania’s definition of ‘wrongful death’, as well as who is eligible to file a lawsuit that pertains to this type of claim, and the types of damages one might expect in a successful claim.

Legal Fault in a Wrongful-Death Case

Though details in wrongful-death cases vary, there are generalizations one can make regarding wrongful-death situations.  When a person is, legally, at fault for the death of another person, the position of being legally responsible for that death can include:

An incident involving negligence– (non-intentional) – This can cover the gamut from a fatal dog attack, a fatal car accident due to intoxication, a deadly slip-and-fall accident due to unmaintained premises, a construction-site accident, nursing-home neglect, a defectively-manufactured toy that results in death, and more.  The bottom-line question would be:  Was there a ‘duty of care’ to protect against the accident happening in the first place?

An incident involving medical malpractice – (non-intentional) – If the patient who died had a doctor/patient relationship and the doctor or other health-care professional were negligent with a diagnosis or treatment, a wrongful-death claim may be valid.

An incident involving violent or dangerous behaviors – (intentional) – If a person committed an act that was purposeful, such as battery where one person intentionally hits another person during a heightened-state of emotions, resulting in the victim’s death, a wrongful-death claim may be valid.  Cases involving nursing-home abuse and child abuse, resulting in death, could be included here.

Financial Recoveries in Wrongful-Death Cases

Though justice can’t bring back a loved one who lost their life due to situations that involved a wrongful act, neglect, unlawful violence, or negligence, justice can and does make a difference when substantial financial recoveries are awarded to our York, PA clients.

Financial recoveries help individuals and families move on with their lives as they slowly reach the emotional closure they desire and require.  Economic losses can cover lost wages that the deceased would have earned (current and future), medical expenses, funeral expenses, and more.  Non-economic losses can be awarded to one or more of the survivors – spouse, children, or parents – who are experiencing pain and suffering.  Pain and suffering can include grief, anxiety, the loss of enjoyment of life, loss of companionship, and more.  Damages for pain and suffering are only available, as mentioned, if the deceased leaves behind a spouse, children, or parent(s).

Who is Eligible to File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

In the state of Pennsylvania, a personal representative of the deceased person’s estate would file the wrongful-death lawsuit.  There is a time limit for this – within six months of the date of the victim’s death.  If that timeframe is not adhered to, the deceased person’s beneficiaries are allowed to file the lawsuit on behalf of all established beneficiaries.

Chances are you have many questions regarding the legal ramifications regarding the loss of your loved one.  We hope you will take this opportunity to give our wrongful-death lawyers a call, right now.  The answers to some of your most-pressing questions are a phone call away at 717-846-0606.  We are here for our York, PA neighbors who reach out to us for the legal guidance they need to ensure every dollar of financial compensation is awarded.  Speak with us – we will advise you on your next move forward.

Also, be aware that, as our client, you will pay no out-of-pocket fees.  Our wrongful-death lawyers operate on a contingency-fee basis.  A fee is recovered only if a lawsuit is successful or if the lawsuit results in a favorable settlement for our York clients.

What NOT Do with a Wrongful-Death Claim

There is one thing not recommended regarding your wrongful-death claim:  handling your claim, strictly, through the insurance companies, without legal representation!  Attempting to wade through the complicated maze of details and twists and turns on your own, could result in becoming not only overwhelmed, but becoming victimized by one or more insurance companies.  Their goal is to ensure claimants end up receiving a mere fraction of what they would, otherwise, be legally entitled to receive.

Keep in mind that insurance companies have high-powered wrongful-death lawyers on their side who are ready to diminish or dismiss your claim.  Shouldn’t you have the same authority on your side to ensure they don’t succeed?

Our Tenacity and Drive Make the Difference

At Dale E. Anstine, our lawyer team offers more than 40 years of experience with achieving maximized financial recoveries for clients in York, PA and beyond.  A few examples of awarded damages in personal-injury cases include the following:

  • One of our clients experienced a slip-and-fall, resulting in injuries. The defendants offered $25,000.  Our team considered that low-ball amount to be unacceptable, so we took the case to trial.  The jury returned a verdict of more than $600,000.
  • Motorcycle-accident verdict: $1,500,000
  • Auto-accident verdict: $306,000

Our lawyers’ negotiating skills involve the planning of alternative strategies that have a proven track record of generating the most desired outcomes for our team and our York, PA clients.  Our goal is to secure every dollar of damages our clients are due!

Our law firm is a proud member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum.  Membership is limited to attorneys who have won million and multimillion dollar verdicts and settlements.  Fewer than 1% of US lawyers are members.

The Best Evidence is Fresh Evidence

It is highly advisable you contact our legal team as swiftly as possible regarding your wrongful-death claim.  The longer one waits to contact a lawyer, the weaker one’s case against the other party can become.  Crucial evidence can be lost or intentionally covered up.  Evidence that is uncompromised and readily available can make the difference between winning substantial damages or receiving much less, or nothing at all.

As our client, your wrongful-death lawyer will be, continually, available to answer your questions, keep you updated, address any concerns, and put your mind at ease!

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