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Enjoying the Last Days of Summer

August 17th, 2017
Enjoying the Last Days of Summer

Summer may be winding down, but there are still plenty of summer days and nights ahead before school begins and the weather turns to cooler temperatures. The last few weeks of August are popular for day trips and weeklong vacations as individuals and families try to squeeze in one last trip to enjoy the lazy days of summer.

The personal injury attorneys at Dale E. Anstine want you to enjoy the last few weeks of summer and remind you to keep the following tips in mind for safety in the heat and sun, on the water and on the road.

Heat & Sun Safety

Heat-related illnesses are created by a sudden rise in core body temperature, which causes the individual’s system to overload. If you are planning a day at the beach or hiking on trails or even just barbequing in the backyard, be sure to keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water and make sure to use sunscreen. Take frequent breaks from the sun and heat, too, by using a shade umbrella or going indoors to an air-conditioned space.

Water Safety

Water-related fun is one of the most popular recreational activities during summer. Staying safe on the water should be a priority. Remember, even though boats do not have wheels, they are vehicles, too. Boat drivers should never consume alcohol and should practice safe “driving” just as on the road. Passengers should follow boating regulations and wear proper floatation devices when applicable. If you are planning a day at the swimming pool, beach or lake, stay safe by following posted instructions (no running near the pool, no swimming due to high tide, etc.) and remind children to be aware of their surroundings.

Road Safety

Summer vacations often come with long road trips. If you are heading out on the road the last few weeks of summer, keep in mind that you aren’t the only one. There may be more motorists on the road, especially if traveling to a shore destination, causing traffic and congestion. Stay alert for aggressive drivers, and make sure that you are prepared in case of an accident. Do you know if your auto insurance fully covers you in case of an accident? Learn more about insurance coverage, and be sure to reach out to your agent if you do not understand your policy.

We hope that you enjoy the last few weeks of summer with your family and friends, and encourage you to be safe! The personal injury attorneys at Dale E. Anstine are here when you need them, and you can reach out at any time for a free consultation. Our team is proud to protect the injured across the Central Pennsylvania community, with offices in York and Gettysburg.