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Five Fall Driving Hazards and Tips to Avoid a Car Accident

September 22nd, 2023
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The fall season brings with it, crisp air and beautiful shades of orange, red, and yellow, as trees prepare to shed their leaves. While beautiful to look at, the falling leaves can be as hazardous for drivers as a sheet of ice. But that’s not the only hazard drivers face this time of year.

Wet Leaves and Car Accidents

PennDOT reminds motorists this time of year that wet leaves, fog, sun glare, frost… and deer are just a few of the hazards drivers can count. When it comes to leaves, not only can they be extremely slippery, but they can obscure traffic lines and pavement markings, making driving on less familiar roads, challenging.

Sun Glare and Fog Crashes

Another hazard this time of year is fog and sun glare. Because we have much longer nights, there’s a longer period for temperatures to cool down and for fog to form. As we’ve seen through the years, fog can lead to catastrophic pileups on highway, with devastating results.

When driving in fog, PennDOT says motorists should use low beam headlights since the high beam setting creates a glare and reduces visibility. Sun glare can be especially problematic when the sun is coming up and going down. Unfortunately, this is the same time in which motorists are in the middle of morning and evening rush hour.

The intense glare from the sun kissing the horizon can be blinding, causing unexpected traffic slowdown and accidents. Drivers should be prepared for sun glare by keeping sunglasses nearby, by removing clutter from their dashboard, and by keeping the inside of their windshield clean.

Car Accident on Frost Covered Roads

Morning frost and icy spots are also common this time of year as the temperatures dip down in the overnight hours. We see the signs on the road for a reason–bridges and overpasses can be especially treacherous when temperatures dip and frost forms. Driers should slow down when approaching these areas and also pay close attention to shaded areas on the roads where icy spots are more prone to form.

Car Crash Involving Deer

Every Autumn, deer activity picks up and drivers need to be much more vigilant, watching carefully for deer darting across the road.

Fall is prime time for deer breeding season, and because of that, deer are more distracted and move greater distances to seek mates. Couple that with farmers harvesting the last of their crops and hunters seeking game- and it’s no surprise deer are a big hazard for drivers this time of year.

Here are some tips to avoid an accident with a deer:

  • Slow down and use caution, particularly where deer crossing signs are posted
  • Increase following distance between vehicles
  • Make young drivers aware of increased deer activity this time of year
  • Be especially watchful during morning and evening hours when wildlife is most active
  • Exercise caution when one deer crosses a roadway. Since deer often travel in small herds, one deer will usually be followed by others
  • Always wear your seat belt

Injured While Driving in the Fall? Call the Top Car Accident Attorneys in York, Pa.

You might be taking all the safety precautions this fall, but that doesn’t mean other drivers on the road are.

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