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National Motorcycle Safety Month: Bikers, Protect Your Rights

May 6th, 2019
Man Riding a Motorcycle on the Open Road

As the temperature outside increases, so does the number of motorcyclists on the roads.

Motorcyclists are at risk for more serious injuries when involved in an accident. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 80 percent of all reported motorcycle crashes result in injury or death.

It’s important for riders to ensure they are protected before hitting the road. In this video, Josh Anstine, personal injury attorney, offers important insurance and accident tips to protect the rights of bikers.

In honor of May’s National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, attorney Josh Anstine and the team at Dale E. Anstine are sharing the following tips:

Have the Right Medical Coverage

Did you know that motorcyclists do not have no-fault medical coverage on their vehicle insurance policies? It’s critical to have adequate personal medical insurance that covers motorcyclists to make sure you have adequate coverage for medical expenses following an accident.

Report No-Contact Accidents

Have you ever had to lay your bike down because someone pulled out in front of you and then continued driving? Be sure to promptly report no-contact accidents to the police and your insurance company. This is especially important because uninsured coverage on your bike can protect you in a no-contact/no-identity accident.

Insurance on Your Bike

Confirm you have the proper uninsured and underinsured insurance coverage on your bike. In the state of Pennsylvania, it is legal for vehicle owners to carry as low as $15,000 in coverage. However, in most motorcycle accidents, this amount will not cover resulting medical expenses. Be sure to opt for additional coverage and make sure you are covered!

Salvaging Your Bike 

If your motorcycle is totaled in an accident, be sure to explore your options. In some cases you may be able to buy it back for salvage and then part the bike out to help recover losses.

While we hope motorcycle riders never need us, we know accidents are an unfortunate reality some will face and we’re here to help. If you or someone you love has been involved in a motorcycle accident, contact us at any time for a free consultation. We’re available 24/7 to offer support where and when you need it. If you have questions about your insurance coverage and want to ensure you have the right level of coverage, get in touch. We’re happy to review your policy with you. Reach out to connect with an attorney.