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Tips for a Safe Halloween

October 26th, 2017

For many children, Halloween night is one of the best times of the year. Kids get to play dress up (who doesn’t love dressing up as their favorite superhero, princess or TV character?!), fill up on sweet treats, and maybe even stay up past bedtime. It can be a kid’s dream come true.

While Halloween can be a fun and enjoyable night, it can also be associated with some potential risks. The personal injury attorneys at Dale E. Anstine want you to have a safe Halloween filled with treats (but no tricks!), and remind you of these important safety tips:

Be a safe pedestrian.

According to Safe Kids Worldwide, the chances of an unintentional pedestrian accident or injury doubles on Halloween. Help your children understand the importance of being a safe pedestrian.

  • Always use sidewalks and pathways; do not walk in the street.
  • Cross the street at designated areas only.
  • Use flashlights and add reflective tape or strips to children’s costumes so they are more easily visible to motorists.
  • Make sure the length of children’s costumes is appropriate so they are free of potential tripping hazards.

Supervise your children.

In preparation for Halloween night and trick-or-treating, sit down with your children and family to create a plan and explain safety rules. If there are older children, it is a good idea to review rules with them if they will be going without an adult.

  • Use the buddy system. Never leave someone alone or unattended.
  • Pick a pre-determined meeting spot in case of emergency.
  • Always know who your children are with, where they will be going, and what they are doing.
  • Check-in with children on a regular basis if they are without an adult.

Check candy.

Remind children not to eat anything until it has been inspected by an adult. It is important to check all candy and treats that your child may collect over the night and inspect it for tampering or choking hazards. Look for these things to ensure safe eating:

  • Unusual appearance, odor or discoloration.
  • Holes or tears in wrappers.
  • Candy sizes that may cause choking in small children.

Dale E. Anstine’s personal injury attorneys encourage safety for all children and trick-or-treaters in the community. Help our team to spread the word and share these Halloween safety tips with your friends and family.

If you or a loved one is injured in an accident, reach out to the accident attorneys at Dale E. Anstine. Our team is proud to protect the injured across the Central PA community, with offices in York and Gettysburg. Consultations are always free, we are available 24/7, and there are no fees unless we win for you.